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"....since we have already seen several wisdom traditions that have lasted quite a while, why shouldn't we find, with analytic discourse, something that gives us a glimpse of something precise?"

- Jacques Lacan

About Me


Florencia Bernthal Raz is a Lacanian Psychoanalyst with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba in Argentina and a Psychoanalyst license in NYS. Her natural inclination for psychoanalysis in the early days of her studies resulted in in-depth training in research and education over  years of practice as a clinician.

In addition to her private practice, she worked in private and public institutions that promote mental health and social inclusion to children and adults. In New York, Florencia is the co-founder of the Lacanian Encounter Association of Psychoanalysis (Leap.), an organization dedicated to articulating psychoanalysis in the Artificial intelligence and translation fields including personalized coaching to screenwriters that use language as a vehicle to narrate and produce fiction work. 

She is the editor and translator of the academic and scientific journal Saltos and a board of directors member of Fundación Salto in Argentina.

She has experience in childhood education, where she developed the tools to truly engage children to provide a learning experience that would positively impact students and their families.



Through her years of practice, Florencia verified that the theory and practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis offer an authentic approach to treating and overcoming human suffering. Since its creation, Psychoanalysis has constituted an invitation to speak. With time, each analysand's speech comes to be organized around what is difficult or impossible for them to sustain and, therefore, speak about: Their symptoms and particular mode of experiencing jouissance. 

The psychoanalytic method is an invitation to a unique, logical way of seeing, understanding, and definitively making novel decisions in life. 

Lacanian psychoanalysis offers people the possibility of inventing a new way of overcoming suffering. Through analytic work, one can find singular and satisfactory solutions to repetitive ways of being and responding to the other. Florencia's forward-thinking approach and constant interest in a new way of transmitting psychoanalysis open new horizons for everyone at her practice.

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